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A Return to Metta's Mind

Dear ones,

An open letter to my community...

It has been over two years since I published any of my thoughts or ideas on mental health and wellness. TWO YEARS! Truth be told, I became embroiled in a common conflict endured when desiring to put one's voice out into the open for others to see and hear. Yes, that's right...FEAR. Yes, yes...I know! Therapists are supposed to have it all together and figured out right! As much as I would love to embrace the mantel of perfection, fear and doubt have long been bosom companions of my mind. Over the course of the last several years, I have received wise and wonderful advice in the service of nurturing my private practice and voice in wellness. These gentle, sometimes frustrated, helpers have held space for anxiety and provided noble guidance deeply rooted in trust and belief in my abilities. Now it is my time to have faith in this belief and uncover the gifts I inherently know I possess. Doubt is a personal demon I have long wrestled with, but I choose to no longer allow it to make decisions on my behalf. This does not mean I am free from fear. Quite the contrary. But...I am reviving the dedication to share what I know and how I think about mental health and healing through the lenses I have at my disposal. I invite you to read along with me. Disagree with me. Agree with me. Be curious and ask questions if the spirit moves you. Above all, my biggest hope is to simply share a little bit more of myself in the service of informed dialogue and an open heart. Here we go!

In peace and compassion,


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