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Ashley Burnett, of Ashley Burnett + Co is a true gift to womxn entrepreneurs, creatives and burgeoning thought leaders. More than ever, today's society needs change makers and feminine voices speaking up, taking space and supporting one another to bring our unique gifts to our communities at large.

If you are a womxn-identified entrepreneur, I strongly encourage you to check out Ashley's unique way of working.


Stacy Letrice of Jukeboxx Dance is a dancer, choreographer, instructor, mas band leader, and dance/movement therapist with over 20-years of local and global experience . She considers herself a medicine woman of movement who uses African and Caribbean dance forms as healing tools to maintain her happiness and follow her dreams. Like a jukebox, Stacy Letrice’s repertoire and expertise are diverse, wide-ranging, and seemingly without limit. Dance runs deep for Stacy Letrice and is where she feels most at peace and most at home.

In Touch & Motion is a Chicago-based creative arts therapy organization.

In their words, "At InTouch & Motion, we strive to create an open, creative, healing environment for you to explore, grow, and tap into your greatest Self!

We work in collaboration with our clients to establish a plan that holistically integrates mind-body-spirit approaches. Growth and healing do not come in one form. Many times, different parts of ourselves need nurturing and support. We are more than our thoughts. Our emotions, physical bodies, spiritual connections and purposes, and relationships make us who we are and give us our identity too.

Although we are all trained in traditional counseling and talk therapy, we are a team of healers that offer you so much more! As Creative Arts Therapists we also support you in using different creative approaches to explore or express yourself in new ways and gain insights. Learn how to quiet your mind so that you can connect to your whole being and surface the resources and strengths that are unique to you.

Our range of counseling and services-- psychotherapy, dance/movement therapy, art therapy, and intuitive wellness--aim to help you find the right balance of support and opportunities to meet your needs.

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